Nightalie | 夜靈

FanFic Writer slash Artist

Nite - 20+ - She/her
An Unqualified Graphic Designer who Loves to Write!

Life is Like a World Full of Stars,
You Never Know When to Glow or When to Fall.


Heyo nice to meet you!

I'm Nightalie, please call me Nite!
Also known as 夜靈

  • 20+ - She/her

  • March 10 - Pisces - INFP - 3/5 Reflector

  • Soul located in the Chaotic Fluffy Avīci

  • In Real Life Located in Hong Kong (GMT+8)

  • 繁简中文 - English - 日本語

I am a bilingual hobbyist Fanfic Writer who spent too much time on anime. I am a slow writer with unstable creative energy, but I enjoy every moment to create stories for my favourite characters and ships, I hope my work can spread my love and touch the hearts of my readers.

Besides being a writer, I’m also a Graphic Designer in real life who loves to work on vector graphics. I create fanart and merchandise, also self-publish numerous Chinese fanbooks at local conventions.


Fandom/Shippings I'm into now...

  • My Hero Academia - DabiHawks, KiriBaku, TodoBakuDeku etc.

  • Jujutsu Kaisen - SuguSato, GoFushi, SukuItaFushi etc.

  • Haikyuu!! - Oiiwa, BokuAka, etc.

  • Attack on Titan - EruRi, EreMika etc.

  • EN Vtubers - Holo Gura, Kronii/Mumei, Luxiem IkeAkuma etc.

  • More if you want to know (Chinese only)

I would call myself an ordinary doujin fangirl, but the western terms, I might be classified as a pro-shipper. I enjoy shipping my favourite fictional characters together while drawing a clear line between fiction and reality. Also, I adore canon very much, most of the time I enjoy manga itself more than any adaptations!
Please don't interact with me if you're offended by my interests! You have a choice!

Last but not least, I do not judge or intervene in others' interests. I'm open to lots of content and interact with my own condition, and I will walk away quietly if I meet any ships or content that doesn't spark my interest but make other people happy. So please enjoy anything yourself with or without me!


Social Media
中文 - Plurk | Eng - Twitter
Platforms I will be interactive, and always feel free to follow or DM me!

FanFic Sites
中文小說 - From 2020 - Now @ AO3 nightspirit & 在水裡寫字 |  From 2013 - 2018 @ FC2
English Fics - From 2020 @ AO3 nightalie

Art Portfolio
Displayed my illustration, layout and merch design collection (excluded on going confidential works, please DM or email me for the private access if needed!)

Online Shop
Purchase my Chinese fanbooks & merch here or DM/email me!

Support Me!
All support means a lot to me!

Zine Portfolio

I’m currently active as a Writer and Merch Artist in the BNHA fandom since 2020.

I love to write some soft and delightful stories with a solid concept, and create some artwork with bright and neat vector illustrations. I hope my work can bring people happiness.

Contributor Experience

I’ve been introduced to the world of zines and events since late-2020, and I’m grateful to participate in numerous projects with other amazing creators!
(As to 2022, I'll be apply for less zines but I'm open to any invitations)

Zine2021Phoenix Wings - A BNHA DabiHawks Angst AU ZineMerch ArtistPreorders Open
Zine2021PW: Burn Out - A BNHA DabiHawks Angst AU ZineMerch ArtistPreorders Open
Zine2022Akumazine - A Vtuber Vox Akuma Birthday ZineSmall ArtistUpcoming
Zine2022Behind the Scenes Vol2 - A BNHA Actor AU ZineMerch ArtistPreorders Open
Zine2022First Anthology - A BNHA NSFW Anthology ZineMerch ArtistPreorders Open
Zine2022Monochrome - A BNHA TouTen ZineMerch ArtistPreorders Open
Zine2022Unlocked - A Blue Lock ZineMerch ArtistPreorders Coming
Zine2021Ace of Spades - A BNHA Mafia ZineMerch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2021Apocrypha - A BNHA Geten ZineMarch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2021Crimson Ties - A BNHA KacChako Soulmates AU ZineMerch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2021Hypnosis Heart - A BNHA NSFW Shinsou ZineMerch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2021Legends - A BNHA Mythology ZineMerch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2021Pomegranate Seeds - A BNHA Fem BakuDeku ZineMerch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2021Silver Linings - A BNHA EraserCloud ZineMerch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2021Sleep Deprived - A BNHA NSFW Aizawa ZineMerch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2021Cursed by You - A JJK Sukufushi AU ZineMerch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2022Hustle - A BNHA Hawks Fashion ZineMerch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2022Villains Rising - A BNHA Villains ZineMerch ArtistProduction Period
Zine2021In Your Shadows - A JJK GoFushi ZineMerch ArtistShipping Period
Zine2022BONDS - A BNHA Soulmate TdBkDk ZineMerch ArtistCreation Period
Zine2022Bunny - A BNHA NSFW BakuDeku ZineMerch ArtistCreation Period
Zine2022Decadence - A BNHA Sugar Baby ZineMerch ArtistCreation Period
Zine2022Indulge - A BNHA Hawks Centered Fashion ZineArtistCreation Period
Zine2020Metamorphos - A BNHA DabiHawks AU ZineMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2020Labors of Love - A BNHA Lovechild ZineMerch ArtistCompleted
Event2020CTABB March 2020 Mini BangWriterCompleted
Event2020CTABB Secret Santa 2020WriterCompleted
Zine2021Apples and Unicorns - A BNHA Eri ZineMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2021Brat - A BNHA Bottom Bakugou ZineMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2021Dabi’s Journey - A BNHA Dabi Tarot Card ProjectMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2021Fright Night - A BNHA Horror ZineMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2021Journeys Beyond - A BNHA TodoBaku Fantasy ZineMarch ArtistCompleted
Zine2021Setsugetsufuuka - A BNHA TodoMomo Seasons ZineMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2021Sex on Fire - A BNHA NSFW Dabi ZineMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2021Strawberry Lemonade - A BNHA Summer KiriBaku ZineMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2021Red String Zine - A BNHA Soulmates ZineMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2021Rooftop - A BNHA Rooftop Gang ZineWriterCompleted
Zine2021Forbidden Jujutsu - A JJK Problematic Ships ZineMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2021Head in the Clouds - A BNHA Shirakumo ZineMerch ArtistCancelled
Event2021CTABB 2021 Secret SkellingtonWriterCompleted
Event2021DabiHawks Secret Santa ExchangeWriterCompleted
Zine2022Bomb Voyage - A BNHA Bakusquad ZineWriterCompleted
Event2022Secret Easter Bunny ExchangeWriterCompleted
Zine2022More Projects Coming...  

Here are some similar experiences I had back in my local community since 2014 as additional zine experiences. All projects are created in Chinese and printed out in physical copies.

Zine2014Sword and Glory - A SNK Eruri Erwin Birthday ZineWriterCompleted
Zine2014Light and Faith - A SNK Eruri Levi Birthday ZineWriterCompleted
Zine2015See You Again - A Hetalia England/HongKong ZineMod / WriterCompleted
Zine2016黑白 - A HK Writers Alliance Original Story ZineWriterCompleted
Event2016APHetapoly - An APH Themed HK Rainbow Gala 17 EventMerch ArtistCompleted
Zine2017DEZATO - An ACCA13 Dessert ZineHead Mod / WriterCompleted
Zine2019H/ONG K/ONG - A Hetalia HongKong Zine Vol.1WriterCompleted
Zine2020母語 - A Hetalia HongKong Zine Vol.2WriterCompleted
Zine2022致萬千世界的你 - A JJK GoFushi AU ZineWriterCreation Period
Event2022最強突擊!不思議咒靈商店街 - A JJK Themed HK Rainbow Gala 27 EventHead Mod / Merch ArtistCreation Period

Writing Portfolio

The selected works listed down below are one-shot with wordcount under 3000.
Please click on the title to read the work on AO3!

I'm good at writing one-shot short fiction with a solid concept. I'm interested in explore the light-hearted interactions between characters, combine with entertaining plot development, make people smile and feel delighted (or bittersweet) when they finish the story.

Cat and Dog FightGojo & MegumiGA cute piece about 12yo dog person Megumi can't go along with 25yo cat person Satoru
MonologueSatoSuguTA bittersweet piece about Satoru reviewing his love and feelings toward his one and only friend Suguru
The League of Rebellious TeenDabiHawksTA delightful high school AU piece where Touya and Keigo are two little brats starting a new friendship by ear piecing
When the Night Falls DownTodoDekuTA soft emotional hurt/comfort piece featuring Hero!Izuku and Vigilante!Shouto getting to know each other
Somewhere Over the RainbowEraserMic ft. CloudTA soft emotional hurt/comfort piece of Shouta and Hizashi missing their late friend/love with the nostalgic music
A Peaceful Day to Braid Some HairShigaraki & Toga & DabiTA domestic fluffy piece of the young villain members bonding like normal siblings in a peaceful day
Boxing Day NightDabihawksMA sweet fluffy piece about Dabi and Hawks staying a night together after having sex in Boxing Day night
#JackOChallengeDabihawksMA silly cute piece about Hawks doing the Jack-O challenge while Dabi has his fun by teasing him
Say It Out LoudDabihawksEA dubious PWP about (fake) exhibitionism which Dabi being verbally aggressive when he having sex with Hawks
Love is Thicker than BloodDabihawksEA bloody-kinky but sweet PWP about Werewolf!Dabi and Vampire!Hawks ruining sheets with blood while they fuck hard

All of my English work can be find on my AO3 with the pseud nightalie.
More threads and drabbles are pinned on my Twitter master thread.

Art Portfolio

The selected works listed down below are one-shot with wordcount under 3000.
Please click on the title to read the work on AO3!

I'm good at writing one-shot short fiction with a solid concept. I'm interested in explore the light-hearted interactions between characters, combine with entertaining plot development, make people smile and feel delighted (or bittersweet) when they finish the story.

Set Badges

<Not available now>

I accept commissions of...

  • Chinese fanfic writing

  • English fanfic writing

  • Non-commercial illustration icon

  • Non-commercial Chinese novel layout design


For quick response, always feel free to DM me on Plurk or Twitter!

Or Email me with detailed important issues
nightalie★ (@→★)

Thank you so much!